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CeDeFi on steroids

What really sets ZeroQT apart from its competitors (private VCs) is the cutting-edge protocol per se and the web platform, which enables anyone, even retail investors, to open a free account with us in utmost anonymity and without any KYC/AML requirements. Join us as a venture capitalist to invest and get an annual percentage yield (APY) of +1,200%, or just collect free tokens for being a supportive early bird.
Sneak-peek of the web platform

How does it actually work? Try out the demo version:

Borrow shares

Zero Cute Ventures Ltd. lends shares to both accredited and retail investors who have the desire to participate in the growth of a business with an anticipated annual revenue of between 50 and 100 million USD. With a max. supply of 50 million shares, as of writing this, our present market capitalization is ≈14,255,244 USD.
Borrowing shares makes you eligible to participate in the VC turnover, thus the company's revenue is deposited in a zero-vault LP (i.e. liquidity pool) and you will be able to see the dividends you are yielding in real time via the latter. Dividends are distributed in the form of ZQT tokens.
  • For sustainability concerns APYs rely on cash flow and are thus vulnerable to changes.
  • You get ZQT tokens automatically upon depositing BTC, LTC, DOGE, or USD.
  • You can borrow shares with ZQT tokens (available liquidity).
  • The more shares you are in control of, and the larger your zero-vault max. capacity.
  • Consecutive borrowings get you a 100% refund on previously borrowed shares - dividends already harvested / 2 + an additional 30 days of borrowing.

Free shares for everyone

ZeroQT's first-mover advantage must be the fact that the protocol provides new participants with 50 free shares, and not only these yield a good sum of ZQT, but also last until May 1, 2023. This has to be a one-of-a kind opportunity never seen before in the crypto sphere.
On the other hand, if the driver of demand surges, such an approach is not sustainable over the long term, reason why we reserve the right to control these participants' shares and make significant changes at any time, such as returning the borrowed shares or reducing their yield, without notice.
As of January 14, 2022, we no longer offer a 50 free shares signup bonus. The explanation can be found on our news & announcements page at:

Flexible staking

Staking is a way to make more crypto with your crypto. To be even more specific, it requires you to lend your ZQT tokens to the venture capital fund, and in exchange for this temporary commitment of capital, the protocol rewards you in the form of ZQT tokens, and the daily output as of right now is +1% staking interest of your available liquidity. To qualify for daily staking rewards, just leave your ZQT tokens in the liquidity pool at the entire disposal of the venture capital fund and its borrowers. Your liquidity will never be locked in any way; it is as flexible as if you had never touched your tokens; the money truly works for you as opposed to melting away like an ice cube.

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